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Our Minneapolis, MN Holy Land tour packages will enrich your faith and help you  see the Bible come to life. Our knowledgeable and dynamic guides are not just ticking off the sites on your itinerary. Our Holy Land tour partners provide an educational and spiritual experience -  helping your participants enrich their knowledge and understanding of the sites they've read about in the Bible. Through seeing and experiencing the very places found in the Bible, your group will enrich their faith journey as they discover the sights, sounds and tastes of the Holy Land.  

custom designed itineraries

Your tour itinerary is up to you. As we discuss the sites you wish to see with your group, we can customize your holy land tour to highlight the places your group has already studied at home or new sites they wish to learn about. Many of our group tours select from the places where Jesus lived and walked or visit the places described in the book of Acts.

We recommend your group studies the Scriptures together before embarking on your trip, which will enrich your Holy Land experience. During our initial conversation, we will highlight some optional experiences available to your group. For example, some of our guests have chosen to be baptized in the Jordan River while traveling in the holy land or stopping at the sacred places of the first century church to worship.  

We coordinate tours for groups of 10 to 40 and look forward to creating your unique, life-changing faith travel experience.  Your next holy land tour is a conversation away

Holy Land Safety FAQs

Are you or your group members concerned about their safety when booking your Holy Land tour? Not to worry – we are here to answer any safety questions you may have. 

1) Is it safe to visit the Holy Land?

Yes, it is. More than 3.5 million visitors came to Israel in the last year, with most travelers also visiting the West Bank. Faith Travel Experts takes traveler safety seriously and would not be sending pilgrims to the Holy Land if it were unsafe to do so!

2) Are there any regions we should avoid on our tour?

At this point in time, we do not plan pilgrimages to the Gaza Strip due to security concerns. The security situation in Gaza remains volatile, but the violence is contained to this region of the Holy Land, out of reach on any Faith Travel Expert tours that are currently planned.

3) Is it dangerous to visit Jerusalem and the West Bank?

The West Bank is managed by the Palestinian Authority and is a government-in-training supported by the United States, European Union and many other international agencies. East Jerusalem, where you will find Christian, Muslim and Jewish places of worship and pilgrimages, is under the control of the state of Israel. Tours to both Jerusalem and the West Bank have steadily increased since 2002. Both Jerusalem and the West Bank, are a safe place for your group to visit.

4) Isn’t Bethlehem surrounded by a wall?

Sadly, yes.  The wall was built around sections of the city considered to be suburbs. Tourists are allowed to cross into and out of the city at all times of the day, every day of the week.  Soldiers may board your tour bus  on occasion and speak to your bus driver and guide for a few minutes.  This is a typical security check and you may need to show your passport. This experience is not unusual and is very similar to other border crossing throughout the world.

5) Should I be concerned about the strict security at the Tel Aviv airport?

Security at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv is both professional and thorough. Tourism is one of the most important sources of income for Israel and their security forces are trained to process pilgrimage groups as quickly and efficiently as possible. Some travelers may be questioned as to their purpose of visiting the Holy Land, and may be asked some questions about their stay. These are just routine question being asked, often at random; there is absolutely no cause for concern. As with most international flights, the airport security is a manageable experience. 

6) Is there anything I should bring or not bring to the Holy Land concerning safety?

Plan on packing as you would for any international flight. There is no need for any additional safety or security precautions.

7) What other safety considerations should I have concerning safety?

Your knowledgeable and experienced guide will instruct you on specific safety concerns during your Holy Land tour.  Specific instructions will include when and where to carry your passport and places where you may need to pay attention to your personal belongings. In general, your group will benefit from exercising good common sense during your pilgrimage.

"Two days after President Trump made the announcement acknowledging that Jerusalem is the state capital of Israel, I headed there for a trip that had been in the works for months. My friends, who until that moment had been excited for me, suddenly were hoping I’d cancel. “Be safe,” they said. I suppose they knew that the prospect of protests and violence wasn’t on my bucket list. Yet, I went. The trip organizers assured us we’d be safe. As it turns out, they were right. I soon learned how misguided my perceptions of Israel had been, perceptions based on the news, where words like Gaza Strip and Hamas can instill dread in many."

Stacia M.

How to get a Visa for your Holy Land Tour

Tourist visas will not be required for our most common pilgrimages (Israel, France, Italy and Greece), as long as you are a passport holder of the United States of America. While Faith Travel Experts will assist you in determining your visa requirements for  other countries, obtaining the appropriate visa will be your responsibility.

If you are a citizen of another country, your country’s Consulate can give you information on your visa requirements.

What documents will be required for travel?

Regardless of your citizenship country, every traveler will be required to have:  

  • A passport valid for ar least 6 months
  • A return ticket from Israel

embassy contact information:

Israeli Embassy in Washington DC, United States
Embassy of Israel
3514 International Drive, NW,
Washington DC 20008
Tel.: (202) 364-5500
Fax: (202)-3645429

Israeli Consulate in Chicago, United States
Consulate of Israel in United States of America
111 E. Wacker Dr., Suite 1308
Chicago, IL 60601
Tel.: 312-297-4800
Fax: 312-297-4855


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